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The Complete History of Photography
Randy took aftermath photos  --->
<--- and got a book published
Randy Richards:
Business Person
of the Month
If you are looking for fun, friendly, family service, then look no
further - the Randy Man can!  Randy Richards has been
working in photography and video for over 25 years, and
nearly 10 of those years was with Olan Mills.  He's done just
about  every kind of photography you could imagine - dance
recitals/books/competitions, proms, sweet sixteens,
anniversaries, pageants, theater, glamour, Santa Claus,
parties, pet portraits, and of course, weddings.  The DJ
service has been successful since 2001, and is a popular
addition for any event.

To your left is a menu that appears as a strip of film. The first
two menu items at the top - "Video" & "DJ Music" - will take
you to the Video & Music section of this website. The other
menu items, from "Dance Books" on down to "Komenka",
are samples of all the different types of photography Randy
has done over his lifetime. The final menu button at the
bottom is "Contact Us", which you can use to ask us
questions or receive information packets via mail.
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