No Sitting Fees
...and low, low prices!
Using advanced computer imaging
software  allows dance students and
parents to view their pictures instantly.

Eyes closed?
Find a shadow?
Toes not pointed?
Hate the pose?
No problem.

With traditional proofing, retakes can
take weeks.  With our digital proofing,
this takes mere seconds. Just step
back into the posing area and take
another shot. Retakes are easy!
Professional thermal photo
printers use dye sublimation
technology to produce crisp,
clear photographs that exit the
machine dry and ready to take
home.  You'll know exactly what
your photo looks like BEFORE
YOU PAY.  And each sheet*
takes only 80 seconds to print!
*A "sheet" consists of either 8 wallets, 4-3*x5s, 2-5x7s or an 8x10.
Instant Portrait System
For Dance Schools
Creating great digital pictures
means using one of the highest
digital resolutions available.  Our
state-of-the-art cameras quickly
produce crisp, clear, superior
high-resolution files that result in
portraits of amazing color & clarity.
Parents need more pictures
later?  A form is included with
every purchase for ordering more
photographs by mail, OR if no
purchase is made at the time,
parents and relatives may order
them on our secure online
The dance school owner receives all
free use in the recital program book.