Both game masters and players will find a
wealth of information about the swamp, from
background information on isolated
communities, to new monsters, new spells,
new weapons, new magic items, and new
classes, all suitable for any level of game play,
and easily adapted to any campaign setting.
During the darkness of a waning moon
unspeakable things skulk from the depths
of Dreadmire, infesting the surrounding
heath, farmlands and ranches. It is said
that those who go in rarely return -- at least
not alive. This expansive quagmire is a
source of deadly diseases, demon cults,
fatal venoms, immersed ruins, and ancient
magic. The ubiquitous dark pollen is
corrupting all that lives, perpetuated by the
malicious tree devils and the malevolent
Somesuch. Even the combined forces of
the giant owls, wild elves and quag druids
cannot save the sinking forest.

Dreadmire Swamp is the definitive
reference book on adventure, life and
unlife within the swamp. Here you will find
verisimilitude: rules covering swamp
ecology, hazards, and encounter tables,
and descriptions of harried villages, as
well as details of nearly three hundred new
creatures, such as mire giants, weregators,
carnivorous plants, phantom mosquitoes,
marsh elementals, monstrous amphibians,
fungus demons, alligataurs, cannibal
elves, evil druids, mud dwarves, bayou
halflings, plant swarms, the disgusting
anthroaches, and a terrifying goliath
pelican. There is ample room for thrills in
Dreadmire, as simply trying to navigate a
bayou is a dangerous prospect.

Three complete adventures also await
parties brave enough to stare into the
Dreadmire's thousand eyes, taking PCs
from beginning to advanced levels.
Beginners brave the wetlands in The Great
Bayou Halfling Boat Race. Intermediate
players trudge across the Bog of the
Fungal Demon, avoiding black slime and
abysmal shrooms. Finally, Secrets of the
Sinking Citadel vexes even the the most
advanced players against nine eldritch
liches that survived the Age of
Necromancer Druids.
staring at a rotting wooden sign. The halfling
and the Knights knew they had passed
through the sinking forest, and were now in
Dreadmire. The paladin said a quick prayer,
before they silently moved forward into the
evil Perdition...

Based in the campaign world of the popular
Dreadmire role-playing game accessory,
three-time Darrell Award winner, author
Elizabeth Donald, takes its elaborate
characters on a daring journey through the
malevolent swamp: Kancethedrus, the
clumsy paladin; Alesia, a voluptuous
red-haired Creep; Angiss, the wise halfling
prophet; Wynter, a lost elven druid; her lover
Tam, a Moor Knight Knight gone rogue; and
the dysfunctional elven wizard, Salia; all on
a quest to destroy the legacy of the
Witch Hammer. Harrowed by
unspeakable dead things and a myriad of
strange swamp monsters, an unwitting
group of adventurers attempts to save the
sinking forest they fearfully call, Dreadmire.

Elizabeth Donald's first novel, a vampire
mystery titled Nocturnal Urges, was
published in 2004. It won the Darrell Award
and was a finalist for the Prism Award. The
sequel, titled A More Perfect Union, was
released in 2005. Both books were
combined in a trade paperback titled,
Nocturne. The third vampire book, Abaddon,
won the Darrell Award as well. Elizabeth has
written a number of short stories and essays
that have appeared in a variety of online and
print publications. One such story,
Wonderland, won the Darrell Award in 2006.
Her short-story collection, Setting Suns, was
also published in 2006. Current projects
include The Cold Ones, a zombie novella
coming out in fall 2009. In the real world,
Elizabeth is a newspaper reporter in the St.
Louis are, and writes CultureGeek, a
pop-culture review blog & column at
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